State Bar of Texas Environmental & Natural Resources Law Section
Texas Environmental Law Book
Texas Environmental Law, 2016-2017 ed. (Vols. 45 and 46, Texas Practice Series)

In 1993, the Environmental and Natural Resources Law Section of the State Bar of Texas and representatives of West Publishing Company began discussions about the possibility of developing a book on Texas environmental law. The Section agreed to provide funding and support for development of the project. The Section solicited volunteers to prepare the various chapters. In 1997, this project culminated in the publication of the first edition of these volumes. In 2005, the Section again solicited volunteers and prepared a second edition. In the intervening and subsequent years, these volumes were updated with pocket parts. In 2013, the Section, and Thomson Reuters, the successor to West Publishing, decided to increase ease-of-use and to change from hard copy with pocket parts to annually-replaced softbound volumes. The Section again solicited volunteers, who, often relying on the work of their predecessors, produced these two volumes.
The purpose of this work is to provide useful information about the practice of environmental law in Texas not only to practitioners of environmental law, but also to other practitioners, and not only to attorneys, but also to environmental consultants, corporate environmental managers, and private citizens. It is intended to be a handy go-to reference that explains this complex area of law and gives valuable practice pointers.
This work contains seven parts, which comprise 35 chapters. This work represent a collection of individual works that have been written and edited in accordance with general guidelines developed by the Section and Thomson Reuters.
Part One provides the regulatory framework for environmental law in Texas, including an overview and discussions of Texas environmental agencies, administrative procedures, and enforcement.
Part Two discusses pollution statutes, focusing on Texas programs, although providing background on federal programs, because federal programs either apply directly or are implemented by the state in accordance with federal guidelines. In Texas, as elsewhere, the state has developed its own programs, which supplement, as well as implement, the federal programs.
Part Three addresses other environmental programs, some of which have federal analogs, including water resources, conservation and land use, and hazard communication.
Part Four addresses the regulation of specific substances, which may be governed by a number of different state and federal programs and which include radioactive materials, medical waste, PCBs, and Used Oil.
Part Five focuses on the regulation of specific activities of particular concern in Texas, including activities relating to border issues, agriculture, oil and gas, renewable energy, fuels, mining, and recycling.
Part Six addresses private causes of action in the environmental area, including torts, inverse condemnation and takings, and citizen suits/citizen remedies.
Finally, Part Seven addresses topics of general interest to environmental practitioners and others, including environmental aspects of business transactions, insurance, and ethics.
The Section hopes that this work will be of benefit to the public and solicits comments from its readers.
The editors would like to thank the authors of each of the chapters for the significant amount of time and effort they devoted, Trudi Lehnhardt of Haynes and Boone, LLP, for her administrative contributions to the project, Nancy Saint-Paul for her editing, and Molly Dougherty, Principal Attorney Editor, who oversaw and supported our efforts on behalf of Thomson Reuters.

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Texas Environmental Law Book

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